Butterfly brings hope to victim of terror

The story below is featured in the One Family UK Haggadah which is available here 

The One Family Haggadah features hand drawn images relating to the Pesach story by pupils from the Sobell Sinai school in north London. There are articles throughout the haggadah featuring the work carried out supporting victims of terror and moving personal victims stories which also relate to the Pesach story.

One Family

Yakov Z”L was killed on 11.06.2003, whilst riding on bus 14 in Jerusalem, he was nearly 22 years old.
Yakov’s brother tells a story

On the second day of an end of year school outing we where on our way to Tiberias I fell asleep on the bus. Suddenly I see Yakov in front of me. He’s glowing and dressed in white. He says to me I’m going somewhere, I’m leaving. I said what do you mean you’re leaving? Where are you going to? He said, you will understand later… I said when? Where? He said you will know when you will find out… the dream continued … he said go home to my room, on the fourth shelf behind my jeans in the pocket of my shirt you will find a necklace; give it to Ima on Friday night. On the top of the TV in my room there is a purple stone, give it to Aba. On Friday night during shabbath meal a butterfly will come in, it will be me. Tell the family not to chase to butterfly away.

I woke up shaking from the dream in hysterics and in a total state of shock. The friend who was sitting next to me asked me what was going on. I remember saying: my life is over.

A few moments later the song that was playing on the radio was interrupted and news broke that an attack on bus 14 had happen and that there were casualties…

The day a butterfly visited

I remember few days later a large beautiful butterfly came into our home he wanted to be with us close to the table where we where all sitting. He wasn’t flying around the room but rather stayed close by us resting on the curtain nearby, it felt like that’s exactly where he wanted to be; with us.

Buitterfly - One Family UK

I thought about it, the fact that he came to warn me and to tell me he was leaving was so we wouldn’t be sad knowing he was going to a good place. It would be painful to him to know we were sad missing him.

Yakov’s mother: A few months before he was killed Yakov said to me: Ima I want a baby brother. I said: you’re crazy I already have four kids and that’s plenty! He said: if you have him I will look after him! I will play airplane with him…

On 7th January 2007 twins Ori and Liraz where born.

On Yom hazikaron we brought Ori and Liraz to Yakov’s grave for the first time. We laid a blanket on our Yakov and put the baby’s on him. We told Yakov: there are your new brothers! You see we listened to you and here they are the two of them. Now you can show them airplanes like you wished in your own way.

Yakov’s second name was Chaim –Life, life carries on


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