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In this blog read the story two sisters and how after the loss of her big sister Neta became a counselor with One Family For each victim of terror, the support offered by One Family is personalised to his or her needs. For some, One Family helps them locate work; for others, OneFamily offers a chance to […]


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Crossroad murder of Omer’s father read his story and how One Family camp has enabled him to grow. “My name is Omer and this is my story. My dad was murdered at the crossroad 14 years ago. We lived 20 minutes outside of Jerusalem in a place called Bik’at HaYarden. He was employed in Tel […]



The volunteer is key to our work and we could not carry on with our fantastic volunteers. One Family is the family of Israel’s victims of terror attacks – those who have been bereaved, those who have been maimed, and those suffering from post-trauma as a result of terrorist attacks since 2001. Israel’s victims of […]

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