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Refugee children have been left to fend for themselves as the civil war in Syria appears to draw to a close and the world decides how to help these victims of terror and when it will act. The UN stands by and speaks out. But, Israelis have decided to act themselves as time slips by and […]



The article below is a translation of a piece published on YNet, Israel’s leading news site, about the closing ceremony “Looking for my brother inside me” It was a joyous Chanukah party, with dancing and singing, even though the hearts was silently torn asunder. Two hundred children – boys and girls from bereaved families – […]


What is traumatic stress? Traumatic stress is a normal reaction to a traumatic event such as a natural disaster, motor vehicle accident, plane crash, shooting, or terrorist attack. Such events are extraordinarily stressful—not just for survivors, but also witnesses and even those repeatedly exposed to the horrific images of the traumatic event circulated on social […]

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