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Yom Haatzmaut 2016 Two soldiers came to London from Israel to share Yom Haatzmaut with us and visited Jewish schools, speaking to the pupils and sharing their experiences with them. The pupils and the soldiers love these visits, as they learn so much about each other’s lives and have a better understanding of their lives. […]


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One Family Summer Camp Brings Hope and Healing to Bereaved Children One Family understands the trauma of bereavement and injury of victims of terror. Our family can provide the key elements that lead to successful rehabilitation. With this level of trauma, comes a feeling of isolation by singular experience. The perception of being alone affects every element of the […]


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Bereaved Mothers Group January 2016 One Family brought over a group bereaved mothers from Israel to London for a respite week at the end of January. The ladies were all hosted with families in the Hampstead Garden Suburb community in North West London. The group, of 22 bereaved mothers and grandmothers aged between 40 and […]

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