Financial Assistance

Since 2001, OneFamily has provided financial assistance to over 2700 victims of terrorism and their families. This assistance includes helping pay for medical help, psychological assistance, renovations, and vehicles for the disabled. It also includes helping to pay for family celebrations such as Bar and Bat Mitzvahs and weddings.

OneFamily receives requests for assistance daily from victims of terrorism all over Israel. The requests vary according to the needs of each individual victim, and they are treated with the individual attention they each deserve. Every case file contains a written report by OneFamily’s contact person with the victim’s family, signed reports from a National Insurance Institute case worker or other qualified professionalm, bank statements, and employer salary certification. OneFamily’s Allocations Committee discusses requests from branches bi-weekly. When a financial grant is decided upon, a check is prepared at the head office in Jerusalem and delivered by the contact person to the family. When material aid is decided upon, the item is ordered through the head office and delivered from the local branch office.

Thus far we have distributed over $26 million dollars in cash, goods, and services for victims and their families.