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Hello I am Lara Gubbay and on October 22nd, I am going to be cycling 40km to raise money for the charity One Family UK. As I approach my batmitzvah on December 2nd, I would like to contribute something back to Jewish society and I have chosen One Family UK because it helps to rebuild the shattered lives of victims of terror in Israel by providing support for those who have been bereaved, those who have been maimed and those suffering from post-trauma as a result of terrorist attacks. I know you all receive many requests for charity, but I hope that this physical challenge I'm putting myself through will justify a donation to this really worthy cause which will help to improve the quality of life of those affected individuals.
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Amount Raised:

Donation from Bradie Leigh-Gale
£ 20.00
Donation from Elaine Simmons
£ 20.00
Donation from Tsvia Procopets
£ 30.00
210 %

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