Since 2001, OneFamily has been assisting terror victims in Israel along the tortuous journey of recovery. When a person is injured or a family member killed in a terrorist act, it is not only the physical pain that needs to be overcome, but the emotional trauma that they also must deal with. In one instant, whole lives are changed, or gutted, or ended. We must remember that each person killed or wounded in a terrorist attack is a world unto themselves, an existence that has, in some small way, made the world a better place in which to live. In this section, we present personal glimpses -- portraits -- of the people whose lives have been so devastated by terrorism.


After most terror attacks, many people are rushed to the hospital with injuries ranging from critical to minor. Often many more people are injured physically or traumatized, yet they go home [because they are able to get up and walk away] and do not receive immediate medical attention. Injuries require a lot of time, effort, resources and determination to overcome. People who have been seriously wounded require additional love and support from their families and friends. The OneFamily network reaches and meets these people in hospital and at home. This "Survivor Stories" section is dedicated to all the modern-day Israeli heroes that have had their lives torn apart by terrorists who hoped to destroy them. The attack happened in a flash. These heroes struggle to rebuild and renew their lives for months and often years. This is a growing collection of stories of their lives, to enable us to 'get to know' a little about them, their struggles and their hopes.

In Memoriam

We are all OneFamily. When a terrorist attack is launched, it violently shocks everyone who is in the vicinity of the crime as well as every family member and friend of those attacked. People who don't survive the attack leave behind their personal legacies for family and friends to remember them. Some lived long lives and others were brutally cut off at a very young age. Read More...


The love of a mother and father for a child is the strongest love in the world. When that bond is suddenly destroyed, lives are inevitably altered, hopes shattered, and hearts broken. Terrorism in Israel affects no one more than the orphans it leaves behind. These children grow up without one or both of their parents. They must deal with sudden loss, and the lack of a loving parent and role model as they grow up. Whatever difficulties they face in life are magnified astronomically by the absence of their loving parents. OneFamily is the family member every terror victim needs, and this is no less true for the 926 orphans of terrorism. In order to ensure that their needs are met in the personal and caring manner they require, OneFamily has set up a special Orphans' Fund to ensure that they get a fair start at life. Read more...

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