Q: How much does One Family UK raise a year? A: One Family UK raises around £750,000 a year from donations, appeals and events. Q: How can I get involved? A: There are many different ways to get involved with One Family UK. Organising fundraising events, twinning Bar or Batmitzvah's, hosting respite trips for small groups,selling cards over festive times, helping on days out when groups come to London. Setting up One Family committees in your local areas. Getting involved with our fund raising events e.g. Its a knockout! One Family UK is always happy to talk to people who are interested in making a difference. Please contact us for more information. Q: Do you just help Jews / Israelis? A: One Family UK helps anyone who has been affected by terror attacks in Israel - regardless of nationality, race or religion. Q: How many people is One Family supporting? A: One Family is currently supporting more than 3,000 families. Q: Does One Family assist families based in the West Bank? A: One Family is an apolitical charity helping all citizens of Israel including those living in the West Bank.  One Family does not hold any political views on those living in the West Bank or any of the disputed territories. Our only concern is to help those who have been affected by a terrorist atrocity. Q: Why does One Family help soldiers? A: In the aftermath of the military activity in Lebanon in the summer of 2006 and the conflict in Gaza in 2009, the Israeli Government decreed that all soldiers hurt or killed as a result of the war with Hezbollah or Hamas should be deemed victims of terror. For One Family, this has meant hundreds of new victims and families in need of our support. Q: Are victims of terror supported by the Israeli Government? A: Yes – but not enough. Whilst the Israeli Government provide basic support, One Family go the extra mile to give back the life as to how it was before the incident. This starts from the moment the incident occurs and continues with hospital visits,  tuition, financial assistance and counselling, One Family is with each victim for as long as they need our help.

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