The Vote on a Palestinian State – join The Briefing

On Tuesday 20th September Michael Brodesky – Director of Public Affairs at the Israeli Embassy held a very informative talk on the Palestinian Vote.

Aprox 50 people attended where there was a lively  Q & A which hopefully answered some difficult question.

Many thanks to Alsion and Jeremy Cantor for their very kind hospitality.

Group of bereaved coming to London

On 27th November-4th December 2011 One Family will once again be hosting a group of 16 bereaved young adults.

They will be coming to London for a week’s respite from the stress’s of life and the burden of responsibilities to join together in a very unique situation.

It is often only at these times that they are able to open up and off load some of the enormous sadness that is normally firmly contained within each person.

They will be coming to the Hendon and Golders Green communities where they will be living in private homes as part of the family.

During their stay they will be visiting the sites of London, enjoying the theatre, going bowling,visiting Blenheim Palace,Mme Tussauds and many more activities.

If you would like to host or know more about hosting, join any of the days out or sponsor any part of the trip please call Andrew on 020 8458 1700.

The Summer Sculpture Exhibition

This years sculpture event was a great success showing some stunning work from well established artists-

Anne Levinson,Audrey Dangor,Barbara Alikhani,Cheryl Gordon,Conchi Yellon,Dorothy Brook,Elaine Curtis,Emma Kane, Etty Mandel,Gabriele Paskin,Hannah Givon,Helen Duncan,Iiana Fattel,Iians Moshal,Ingrid Sterling,Jane Brafman,Jane Waksman,Jenny Reichman,Jill Isaacs,Jill Berelowitz,Jilly Isaacs,Kathy Prest,Limor Chen,Martin Disler,Melanie Harris,Mimi Greenberg,Patricia Saul,Rinat Goldwater,Ros Blechner,Ruth Bross,Simone Krok,Valerie Alexander,Wendy Fisher.

The event started Sunday and it was difficult to get through the door.

The whole ground floor of Ingrid and Simon Sterling’s beautiful home has been transformed into a gallery resembling that of a top Mayfair Gallery!

Aprox 30 sculptures were sold raising an amazing sum of £35,000 all of which is going directly to the victims of terror.

We cant thank Ingrid and Simon enough for thier wonderful hospitality and generosity.