Crying Whilst They Danced

Yesterday, whilst the nation celebrated Gilad Shalit’s return home to Israel and to the safety of his family, One Family opened its doors to the thousands around the country that found it hard to cope with the reality that their loved ones would never return.

From the many notes we received, I wanted to share just one with you.

Dear One Family and all of my friends,

Today, we see our own impossible dream being lived out by the Shalit family, as they welcome home Gilad. And the permanence and emptiness of our losses are reinforced.

Nobody from the Israeli government has reached out to us since the list of prisoners to be released was publicized. We went onto Google to find the website of the Israel Prisons Service, and there we had to search through an online list of 477 names, which were not even in alphabetical order, to see if the murderer of our beautiful daughter Ahuva, of blessed memory, was there. Ahuva was a 30-year-old lawyer, and a mother of two.

There we saw his name. Number 127 on the list. Nizar Delize Hader Muhammed.

Today, our murderer was freed. He has been pardoned by our President. He is now home in Gaza.

Today, we are at the One Family Center in Jerusalem.The loved ones of victims of terror gathered together to watch the drama unfold on screen – sharing together our pain, our grief, our anger, our sense of being forgotten, our feeling of injustice and our broken hearts.

Just being there together has already made our load a little easier to bear, and this recurring nightmare a tiny bit more digestible.

Being able to come into the warm welcome, the understanding and supporting love of One Family’s professional team, who know each of us so well and who connect with our pain so intimately, is a life saver and a gift that saves each of us from drowning in the trauma and pain of our loss.

Thank you for your support throughout our never-ending journey of grief and survival. Thank you for bringing One Family into our lives, and with it, allowing the sunshine to peep out from behind the darkest clouds of our bereavement.

With love, from

Dan and Yehudit Davidovicz
Beit Meir, Israel
Parents of Ahuva Amergi, of blessed memory, who was murdered on February 18, 2002 at the Kissufim junction.

Emotions run high as Gilad Shalit is freed after 5 years in captivity

Today, Our prayers have been answered


For the past 5 years and 4 months, we have prayed for the safe return of Gilad Shalit. Today those prayers have been answered and Gilad is on his way to be reunited with his family and friends. Watching those first pictures of Gilad as a free man, stirs deep emotions of unprecedented joy.

 (Gilad, immediately after his release)

Tomorrow, Our prayers continue


However, Gilad’s freedom has come at a high price for over 3,000 families – those whose lives have been shattered as a result of a terrorist atrocity, carried out by many of those released as part of the deal to bring Gilad home.  For these families, life will never be the same. Today, whilst celebrating the freedom of Gilad, the pictures of the hero’s welcome given to  those released prisoners, many of whom were  perpetrators of these attacks, brings painful & shocking memories to these families.

One Family is today working overtime, utilising every one of the 500 volunteers across Israel to hold special activities to bring these families together, helping them through their pain. One Family will continue to reach out to all those who need the support.

And whilst we celebrate the freedom of Gilad, please remember all those families who cannot celebrate the return of their loved one. With your help, One Family will continue to help psychologically & financially all those who have cried out for help. Together, we shall not fail them.