Victims Arrive Home

The victims of Bulgaria’s terror attack, the dead, the wounded and the emotionally scarred, have been brought home to their families.



















Their first shabbat without their loved ones has come to a close. This week, OneFamily will visit the shiva (mourner) houses and wounded victims in their homes and in hospitals.

We are there for them as long as they need us, however they need us, whenever they need us.

They are now a part of our Family.

Terror hits Israelis in Bulgaria

7 Dead & 32 injured as terrorists hit Israeli tourists in Bulgaria

One Family on hand to help those affected by today’s attack

One Family have today come to the aid of those families affected by the terror attack on the bus in Burgas, Bulgaria. As news filtered through of this latest attack, One Family volunteers gathered at the centre, waiting for instructions to help those families affected by today’s attack.
Arrangements have already been made to assist the families of those bereaved and volunteers are already meeting with these families, helping them at this most traumatic time. As details become clearer, so to will the work of One Family. One Family UK has today agreed to send over an emergency fund of £50,000 to help the families of any victims who may need to travel to Bulgaria & to aid those injured in the attack.