Rehabilitative Trip to London

19 severely injured victims of terror are arriving in London, in what will a huge boost for their rehabilitation.

Whilst in London they will be staying with host families and will be shown all around the main tourist areas of London, foreging long lasting relationships which they take back to Israel with them.

The week’s trip in London is comparable to five years of mental rehabilitation and makes a massive difference to their own physical rehabilitation.

Those included on this trip and whose names cannot be published for security reasons are:

OY (27)

O was injured in Nablus in 2007. He was in a combat unit and

was injured in action. He has shrapnel scars all over his body and

he suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

ED (30)

E was a paratropper in a combat unit injured in the Lebanon

war in 2007. Hezbollah fired a rocket on a group of soldiers waiting

in Kfar Giladi to enter in to Lebanon. The whole group of 12

soldiers were killed, except E who is the only survivor. He

mainly suffers from survivors guilt and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

AB (29)

A was injured in the Lebanon war in 2006 while he was on Miluim

duty. He was trying save soldiers who were stuck in a tank

that had been fired on. He suffers from gunshot wounds and

shrapnel injuries.

ME (26)

M was injured in Gaza in 2007. He was in the Givati brigade.

He now lives in Kiryat Gat and his right arm is paralysed completely.

He works for a building company.

BH (24)

B was injured when she was 14 in a bomb explosion in Meah

Shearim (Jerusalem). She spent over a year and a half in hospital

and today suffers from problems with her limbs, scars and shrapnel

wounds. As such she has a very low self esteem. She is also

depressed as her mother who has supported her since the attack

passed away a year ago. She does not work or study.

LG (26)

L was injured a year and a half ago in Beer Sheva when a

rocket fell. He and Adael were injured together. His injuries are

mainly in his legs and he finds it hard to walk long distances. He

has a lot of shrapnel wounds on his body. He has just finished

studying engineering at Beer Sheva University.

GA (24).

G was injured in Cast Lead in 2009. He was in the Golani

Brigade and entered a house that was surrounded by explosives

which blew up when the soldiers entered the house. He is injured

on his shoulder and arm. He in still undergoing treatment

for his injuries and had an operation at the end of October. He

also suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

AS (25)

A was injured 10 years ago in the bombing of the Dolphinarium

Nightclub in Tel Aviv. She had a terrible head injury and so finds it

very hard to speak. She also has cognitive injuries because of the

attack. Her right arm is paralysed and she also has problems with her

right leg. Her mother, Irena has been her carer 24 hours a day since

the attack and will be coming with her to London.


Yochai was injured in 2001 in Gaza. He was part of a brigade of

soldiers who serve to protect the borders of Israel and was injured

when a grenade was thrown on him. He lost his leg in the

explosion. He is now studying in Beer Sheva University.

OA (29)

Ofir was injured in 2011 when a terrorist ran him over in Tel Aviv.

He has head, back and leg injuries and 3 of the bones in his

spine were broken. He can walk but is not allowed to lift anything.

AS (24)

A was injured a year and a half ago with Lior in Beer Sheva

when a rocket fell. She has serious leg injuries including burns

and scarring. She can walk short distances and a wheelchair will

be brought for her for the busy days.

HS (28)

H was injured in 2006 in the Lebanon war when a rocket hit a

group of Golani soldiers. He has shrapnel wounds on his arms but

also suffers from high blood pressure and Post Traumatic Stress


KA (28)

K was injured in the Lebanon was on the last day of the war in

the Saluki area where Israel lost the most soldiers in that area. He

has bullet injuries in his right leg. He can stand but finds in hard to

walk long distances.

AM (28)

A has been injured twice in combat. The first time was in

Lebanon in 2006 when he was shot. The second time was in Nablus

when he was shot again but this time his sight and hearing

have been impaired. He also has shrapnel wounds in his stomach

and head. Despite all of this he has returned to serve in the army

in a undercover role.

EM (26)

Eliran was a combat solider injured in Lebanon 2006. He was injured

by a large piece of shrapnel in his leg. He suffers from Post

Traumatic Stress Disorder.


T was injured in Lebanon in 2006. He was injured in his

legs and suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. As well

as this he suffers from depression since the attack.

AT (26)

A is 26 and was injured in Lebanon in 2006. He was hit by

Hezbollah on his foot and his right leg. He suffers from problems

in his nervous system.

MY (26)

Moshe was injured in Lebanon in 2006. He was with a group of

soldiers in a house when a rocket was fired on to them. He has

shrapnel wounds in his right arm and suffers mildly from Post

Traumatic Stress Disorder.

LR (25)

Lior was injured when he was 15. He went out with friends to eat

when a suicide bomber exploded in the restaurant. He was with

his sister who died but he was badly injured. He suffers from

pain all over his body and shrapnel wounds. He suffers mildly

from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Bus Bombing in Tel Aviv

A terrorist has blown up a bus in Tel Aviv seriously injuring 3, with injuries to another 7 not life threatening. As news of the bombing came through on the hotline to the One Family centre in Jerusalem, One Family staff and volunteers sprung into action with counsellors in the Tel Aviv area being despatched to the hospitals to make themselves available.

As the names filter through, Nava Formansky, the One Family Tel Aviv region co-ordinator, will be in touch with the families offering immediate support to enable them to look after their loved ones and to ensure they are given the best possible advice.

Nava and her team will ensure that childcare services will be offered to those families who have young children at home, taxi fares will be offered to help the families visit the hospital over the coming days and nice meals will be provided for the families for the duration of their stay.

Operation Pillar of Defense

The rockets continue to rain down on the south of Israel and One Family consellors are working around the clock to offer help and support to those who need it the most. Today as the sirens sounded in Jerusalem, a salvo of rockets and mortars injured a reserve Armored Corps IDF officer near the Gaza border . Emergency forces evacuated the officer to Soroka Medical Center in Beersheba, where One Family volunteers await to offer help to him and his family.

On November 10th, Shimon ben Diana, a British-Israeli medic in Golani was driving in his jeep when it was hit by an anti-tank missile from Gaza He suffered shrapnel injuries to his eyes and forehead. He has regained stability to one of his eyes, while his other eye will require additional surgery. One Family counsellors have met with Shimon and are assessing his needs. One Family are also helping his family whilst Shimon is in hospital.

On November 18th, Daniel and Miriam were traveling through Ofakim on their way home when an alarm sounded. They pulled over and grabbedtheir daughter from her car seat – as they crouched down the rocket hit 10 meters from their car. Shrapnel struck Miriam’s leg and Daniel’s back and leg – their daughter suffered minor injuries. Tears of relief poured down their faces as Miriam explained what happened to the One Family volunteer visiting the family.

Mindee Levinger, the Jerusalem Coordinator visited the parents of Mira Sharf who was murdered on November 15th. She, Aharon Smadji, and Itzik Amsalem were killed when a rocket from Gaza landed on an apartment building in Kiryat Melachi. Mira was the Chabad emissary in New Dehli, India. Her husband Shmulik and son are still in serious condition in the hospital. Her two young daughters (pictured) are staying with Shmulik’s parents; they visited the shiva home to see their maternal grandparents today. Mira’s parents will join One Family’s bereaved parents support group in the coming weeks.

Etty, one of the Sderot community liaisons left Sderot this morning to Tiberias together with a large One Family group of others who are living directly in the firing line . The emotional impact of recent attacks have been too difficult for her and her five children. Etty was injured in 2009 when a Qassam rocket fell near their home. She suffers from severe PTSD and cannot sleep, cannot concentrate, has a high level of anxiety, and suffers from trauma induced depression. One Family counsellors provide psychological help to Etty to help hert function on a daily basis

Since Friday, one Family has received hundreds of phone calls from victims requiring support from Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and many other smaller towns. One Family currently assists close to 4,000 victims of terror and their families – bereaved, orphaned, wounded, maimed through acts of terror.

One Family UK Sends £100,000 in Emergency Aid to Israel

 In a desperate call for help, One Family UK have today sent £100,000, to help aid the important and essential work carried out by One Family in Israel.
Following the step up of the hostilities in the south of Israel, One Family’s staff and volunteers have been working around the clock to provide aid to those people who need it the most. So far One Family has reached out to thousands by having:

  • Evacuated the most needy to the north of the country, taking them outside of the firing line
  • Visited the families and the Shiva houses of those killed in the direct hit on the aprtment block in Kiryat Malachi, offering immediate and ongoing help
  • Visited those injured in the rocket attacks offering immediate and ongoing help
  • Provided emergency transport to the hospitals for the families of those injured
  • Provided meals for the families visiting their injured family in hospitals
  • Provided counsellors at the hospitals to greet families of those injured to sit with them and offer help
  • Set up an emergency hotline manned by volunteers for those in need of help
  • Provided counsellors to spend time in the shelters with children to make them feel safe and to provide educational programmes for them
  • Provided books, magazines and games for the children having to live in their shelters
  • Provided meals for those families having to live in their shelters

Unfortunately, One Family is also caring for some 3,000 other families, all of whom have been affected by a terror attack. With resources being utilised elsewhere, One Family needs your help to continue with it’s life changing work.
Please CLICK HERE if you would like to help us rebuild the lives of those shatterd as a result

One Family Springs into Action

One Family Swings into Action as operation “Pillar of Defence” moves into gear

Staff and volunteers of One Family are already on the scene as a rocket fired from Gaza, claims a direct hit on an apartment block in Kiryat Malachi, killing 3 and seriously injuring 5 more. As operation “Pillar of Defense” heightens the prospect of terror attacks within Israel, especially on those cities close to the border of Gaza, becomes a real possibility.

A special hotline has been set up to take calls from those in need of help. One Family counsellors are one of the first notified of any families suffering a bereavement or of those injured persons being admitted to hospital, enabling specialist help to be ready instantaneously. Hundreds of fully trained volunteers are ready to help wherever there is a need.

One Family has already set aside funds for such an emergency situation, however, no amount of funds is ever enough as One Family continue to help, on a daily basis, more than 3,000 families, all of whom have been affected by an act of terrorism.

Please help us and click here to ensure that One Family can continue to help all those who cry out for our help now and at any time there is a need.

Thank You

15 seconds to save………

More than 110 rockets, fired from Gaza, have landed in Israel. At least 4 people have been injured and thousands face the terror of trying to save themselves. This video shows the reality of those living in the south of Israel.

It is no wonder that so many call for the support of One Family. One Family are providing help for all those who are forced to live in their underground shelters 24 hours a day, by providing entertainment for the terrified children and counsellors for many who suffer from Post traumatic stress disorder.

Please click here and help One Family to provide immediate assistance to all those who continue to fear for their lives

Go shopping and help a victim of terror

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