The Next Phase

So the One Family group of injured victims have returned to Israel and have been full of praise for the time they had in London. With each victim safe in the knowledge that they have returned with a whole new network of friends, people they can turn to who understand their pain and can comfort them in their darkest hour.

Personal messages of thanks have been sent to all the generous host families and all those who played a part in changing the lives of those who came to London.

And so a new phase begins in their rehabilitation, with One Family leading the way in this. There may be dark days ahead with more surgery being required, however, the friendships made by everyone in the group that bonded so well in London, will ease the loneliness and pain that each victim feels.

One Family Trip Comes to an End

The group of victims injured by terror and brought to London by One Family, have returned to Israel full of hope and courage, thanks to their time in London.

The full week of activities culminated in a very special Friday night Shabbat meal for nearly 300 at Kinloss Gardens Synagogue. A standing ovation was given to the group who spoke of their injuries and how their lives have been put back on track, thanks to the trip to London. “Knowing there are people outside of Israel who care so much for us is really unbelievable and gives us the strength to continue” said Maor, one of the participants.

The conclusion of Shabbat saw a wonderful farewell party where the group were joined by their host families and the fantastic One Family committee. Food and drink were in abundance as everyone partied well into the early hours.

To see the unbelievable transformation of each individual of the group, from the quiet sullen individuals that arrived, to the all singing, all dancing individuals that returned to Israel was something that filled everyone concerned with pride. Everything the committee wanted to achieve from the trip was exceeded and many new relationships have been forged that will stay for many a year and are so crucial in the victims rehabilitation.