The One Family FA Cup Sweepstake

The magic of the FA Cup could do a whole lot of good for victims of terror in Israel if you take part in One Family UK’s first ever ‘Big Draw’, with cash prizes for those lucky enough to draw a team that makes it to Wembley.

A team will be drawn for each entry and all those that entered will receive notice of their drawn team by email after the 3rd round draw. You will then be able to follow your team through each round – hopefully all the way to Wembley!!!.

20% of monies received will be split equally amongst all those who draw the team that wins the FA Cup Final on Saturday May 17th. 5% of monies received will be split equally amongst all those who draw the team that loses the FA Cup Final on Saturday May 17th.

The rest of the money will go directly to support victims of terror in Israel

To take part in the draw please click here


Second Deadly Attack Hits Israel This Week

In the early hours of Friday morning, retired IDF Colonel Sariya Ofer was murdered in a terror attack on the family home. His wife Monique who managed to flee the scene injuring herself on barbed wire in the process, told security forces how upon hearing noises outside their window, Sariya went to check everything was ok, only for two terrorists wielding axes and iron bars to brutally bludgeon him to death.

One Family were notified of the attack soon after and are on hand to offer the Ofer family all the support they will need to help them through the dark days that lay ahead.

This is the second such attack in less than a week and is a worrying indication that a prolonged terror campaign may well be waged by terrorists against Israel, fearing the start of a third Intifada.

One Family have the infrastructure in place and the experience should such a scenario occur, already helping more than 3,000 families who have suffered such unimaginable tragedies.

Saturday Night Shooting

On Saturday night, a terrorist entered the home of the Glick family and shot 9 year old Noam in the neck at close range. Noam was badly injured, but following surgery is now in a stable condition.

Despite suffering this atrocity, Noam was able to shout to the rest of her family, warning them of the attack and to get out the house. It is inevitable that had it had not been for Noam’s quick response, the attack could have ended in the entire family’s murder.

One Family was immediately on the scene and has already provided childcare services for Noam’s 3 younger siblings so that her parents can be at her side.

For now, the physical injuries have been repaired. However, the psychological scars affecting the whole family will take years to heal. One Family will be with the Glick family for as long as they need us. We shall not fail them.