The One Family Car Rally – 21st September 2014

On Sunday September 21st two soldiers joined a group of car enthusiasts on the One Family Car Rally. The day began at the Moor Park Golf Club with breakfast and a briefing.The soldiers traveled in the classic cars throughout the day with the group. The next stop was  Churt at a private classic car museum, with cars ranging from a Model T to Nigel Mansells Williams F1 car . We were joined on the day by Jaguar, Rolls Royce, Aston Martin and Alvis car enthusiasts who were there for the afternoon, sharing their beautiful and unusual classic cars with us all. After a private tour through the museum we left to drive through Surrey to Maidenhead where we sat by the banks of the River Thames at a donors estate to listen tot he soldiers tell their stories and speak about their brothers who were lost only 7 weeks ago. They told the group that before coming to London they were not aware of the support in the diaspora and they are truly grateful for the help, love and assistance from One Family. During their short trip they also spoke at Jewish schools in north west London and were presented with New Year cards for their families and fellow soldiers, hand made and written by the children. They were hosted at a donors house in London and have now left to return to their families for Rosh Hashona and to a hopefully more peaceful time in Israel with the support of One Family.

Receiving new Year greeting cards at Michael Sobell  Sinai School
Receiving New Year greeting cards at Michael Sobell Sinai School
Liel in Nigel Mansells Williams car
Liel in Nigel Mansells Williams F1 car