Amazing bereaved women visit London on a respite trip – March 2017

Earlier this year 16 amazing ladies were brought to the UK by One Family and hosted with families in London for a respite week .


Landed safely at Heathrow

One Family brought a group of bereaved mothers and widows to London for a respite trip. All of the ladies had lost either a son, daughter or husband in a terror attack in israel, one had been lost in the Bulgaria Bus Bomb recently. Their stories are sad and harrowing, yet they manage to carry on and deal with their daily lives. The group were brought over to London for a respite trip to give them a break, change of scenery and to see that people everywhere support them emotionally and as well as in other ways.

During their stay they were treated to a spa day at the home of a donor, where therapists gave their time for free to treat the ladies to manicures, pedicures, massages, facial and hair and make up to ready them, for their week ahead. The ladies begun their week with a renewed energy and looking glamorous too!




Messages from some of our lovely , generous therapists who helped on the day:

a) The ladies who I met were a true inspiration.  It is so wonderful that One Family can bring them to London – so they can have a break from ‘real life’.

b) Thank you was amazing to hear the story’s of such sad situations and was very happy to take part xx

c) It was amazing and satisfying to be part of this lovely giving event! – Thank you very much

This was followed by dinner and a trip to theatre to see Mamma Mia.

The following day begun at another donors home with breakfast and art therapy to be followed by a shopping trip. They left their shopping trip with  bags full of goodies for their families back in Israel. Friday evening  shabbat began at Hampstead Garden Suburb synagogue with a communal Friday night dinner, where the ladies ,their host families and other guests enjoyed an evening together hearing about the women, their stories and their families. They were truly inspirational as you will see from the messages from the host families.

The ladies spoke eloquently and emotionally about their lost loved ones.

On Shabbat they enjoyed a fabulous kiddish at the synagogue ,which was followed by an evening at Mixology in East London learning how to make cocktails and clearly enjoying the experience.



Sunday began with a  tour of London where they went on the London Eye, followed by a tour of Kensington Palace and the Princess Diana dress collection, as well as Buckingham Palace and other sights of London, and they were NOT defeated by the extremes of weather we endured that day from rain, to sun and wind!




The week culminated in a fabulous farewell party at the home of another donor where everyone learnt more about the ladies and their families and the people they had lost.

The group all had an amazing time and sent this message before they left on Monday morning:

Dear committee & all the dearest families hosting us in our wonderful visit to London,

No words to express our thanks and appreciations for the great hospitality, care, attention and endless pampering in this special and unforgettable week!

It has been an incredible experience for all of us, and we return to Israel with renewed strength.

We love you all!

Nava and all the participants of March 2017 One Family Visit to London.

The hosts who were all first timers sent the following messages this morning after their guests left much rested after their respite trip, for their return to Israel.

Messages from our host families:

a) I was a first timer with One Family and as someone said last night I feel I have really experienced something very special over the last few days. Incredible group of ladies, we can only admire the sacrifices they have made for Israel. Amazing organisation throughout. I will miss Chava. Thank you. Louise x

b) I feel exactly the same Louise as it was our first time too. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to host and to meet Rina and all the wonderful brave ladies. Last night was just amazing and we feel grateful to have been a part of it.

c) It was an exceptionally special few days in my life. All the ladies were so inspirational and I just feel I have learnt so much from them all. Sigal, the lady I hosted, kept telling me how much we have all given to them, but the truth is that they have actually given us hosts so much more!! What a wonderful group of ladies. Thrilled to have been a part of this. Xxx

d) We feel exactly the same this was a group of very brave and inspirational woman. We also felt we have learnt so much from them. It has been a very special few days and among the tears it was so good to see the smiles too. So glad to have taken part in this programme, we hope that they have some wonderful memories of their trip xxx

e) I feel truly blessed to have been a part of this unbelievable few days. These ladies were a real inspiration and I also felt that I got so much from them all. If we helped them in any way I feel truly grateful. Lovely to meet the hosts and one family organisation in London – Thank you all xx

f) What an incredible and special few days it has been. Having Naama and Esther in our home was an honour.. I never released until now what One Family did, they actually put themselves into these bereaved families’ lives until they can breathe again. Amazing. – I will miss all these wonderful ladies so much….

g) It was a real privilege to be involved and host but I must say I am blown away by Debbie and all you other generous wonderful ladies involved in One Family that give your time and open your homes to organise this wonderful charity and bring these ladies out… you are all just as inspirational

h) It was a truly special experience as always. The life stories resonate and haunt me from one group to the next and each group is so special and so humbling to meet. The recurring theme is how One Family never gives up and will always be there to hold the hand of bereaved families so they can rebuild a new life together. It is an honour and privilege to be able to help in a very small way. Thank you for all your hard work in bringing the groups to London. Xx

i) I can only reiterate what everyone else has already so eloquently written. Truly memorable. Xx

We would like to thank our hosts and our fabulous ladies who have given so much for us all!

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