Terror victims attend events in Israel – read more here

Victims of terror have attended events in Israel this year supporting their needs and making new friends.

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Terror victims Purim party

At the Purim party this year Chantal Belzberg spoke about the idea of masks and victim of terror put on a mask every day and so did the deputy speaker of the Knesset who is a victim of terror herself. MK Yehuda Glick also urged the victims to take strength from Purim.

All the staff dressed up and it was a very special evening.

One lady who I spent some time with was injured in the April 18 bus bombing last year. Today her face was glowing and she looked so healthy, yet obviously still carrying the pain of what she went through.

This was the first OF event she said she was attending. Interesting enough she worked for many years in 8200 – Israel secret unit.

Her training clearly helped save her life but she was so representative of the human spirit and the wonders of medicine. A true heroine of Israel. She said she appreciates One Family so much but she finds it hard to talk to others because she has been trained for so many years not to talk, but now she is learning to be a civilian and hopes to attend more events in the future.

Another incredible man was someone from Beit Shean who was in a terror attack where he was shot eight times in his face and body  but he has such an “or panim- a light in his face” it was so amazing to meet him.

There were so many special people gathered together under the auspices of One Family .The One Family Bereaved Men’s Choir gave a brilliant performance at our Purim Party. Click on the photo to see and hear for yourself. Every member of the choir has lost a child. They come together to support each other by singing. They meet once a week. Please show your support by inviting them to perform in your community.




Widowed Yoga Instructor Holds Three-Day Workshop by the Sea

Bereaved mothers participate in therapeutic yoga workshop led by yoga instructor, Miri, a victim of terror who uses yoga to help heal the pain.

“Miri enriched us, both our bodies and our souls! She helped us breathe, release and heal our pain,” one participant told One Family after the workshop. “I felt strengthened spending these days with the group; the strength of each woman who had similar experiences to me was something I found deeply empowering.”


Orphans of Both Parents Honoured at Reception at President’s Residence

President Reuven Rivlin showed his support for One Family and victims of terror at a special Tu B’Shvat seder with members of our Orphans Division, who lost both parents in terrorist attacks


Bereaved Parents Bond and Heal to prepare for Yom Hazikaron

Each year, One Family holds a healing retreat for bereaved parents on the Shabbat before Yom Hazikaron to strengthen the families as they prepare for one of the most intense and difficult and days of the year.

This year, more than 340 people took part in the three-day retreat, held at a hotel outside Jerusalem. The couples participated in bonding activities, therapeutic workshops, and group therapy sessions.

Most importantly, they spent time with one another, in a setting that allowed them to speak freely about the children they lost to terror. We call that The Power of Together. Instead of spending energy holding their feelings inside , the bereaved parents were among hundreds of other people who understood the challenges they face and they were able to focus on their loss, so they could meet Memorial Day with strength and confidence.

Following the retreat, many of the parents wrote letters of thanks for helping them find the inner strength they need to face both the day of remembering and the coming year.


Women’s seminar for victims of terror

In July, One Family hosted an amazing seminar for nearly 600 women – orphans and widows, younger and older – who came together for a day inspiration and empowerment. The theme was “baseless love” and the love spread through the hall thanks to rousing speeches from – Rabbanit Yemima Mizrachi,  Lihi Lapid, MK Ayelet Shaked, Renana Meir Cohen and Sivan Rahav-Meir and more.

Widows retreat in August

In August there was a three-day Widows retreat in Kfar Giladi for widows and their children. Summer is a particularly hard time for widows, so to help make the summer vacation a little easier, One Family widows enjoyed activities with their children including Trampoline Park, rafting and relaxing in the hotel swimming pool! The retreat gave a special opportunity for the widows to connect to their children in a relaxed environment without the strain and pressure of everyday life that the widows have had to cope with following the murder of their spouse.

Sukkot at One Family for victims of terror

One Family offered its supporters the opportunity to purchase a lulav and etrog set and to raise money for One Family.

One Family friends and supporters to visit terror victims in their sukkah.

The Youth Division held a number of activities for its members during this holiday time, including day trips to a surfing school in Tel Aviv, a scavenger hunt in Jerusalem, an outdoor activity park in Holon and in the Gush and also the Senior Youth Division welcomed new members with a midnight hike through the Negev.


Mount Hermon retreat

In February, 350 injured victims and their families attended a day retreat in Mt Hermon.



Inspiration and Resilience at the Jerusalem Marathon

More than 300 athletes joined Team One Family at the Marathon this year. Victims of terror and their supporters ran side-by-side, and many more joined the team to cheer the runners on and keep spirits high throughout the day.

It was a show of defiance for terror victims, many of whom were injured or bereaved in Jerusalem. For some, it was a return to the very place where their trauma took place.

“The streets of Jerusalem have seen too many tragedies,” said One Family CEO Chantal Belzberg. “Running through these same streets with pride, not fear, is a powerful statement that terrorism won’t succeed, and that we can overcome terror together.”

This year’s team included terror victims Renana Meir, whose mother Dafna was stabbed to death in her own home in 2016; Hadas Mizrahi, who was severely injured and her husband Baruch was killed in a road shooting on the way to the family Seder just before Passover in 2014; and Naftali Moses, whose son Avraham David was killed in the attack on the Mercaz HaRav yeshiva in 2008.

Other terror victims included children from One Family’s Youth Division, who ran alongside their counsellors and supporters.

“Seeing all of the red One Family t-shirts all around was extremely uplifting,” said Renana Meir. “It showed me that people really care, and that is a truly empowering feeling.”



One Family Soccer Team Wins Eilat Tournament

The One Family Soccer Team took first place in it’s division at the Mehuziota sports tournament in Eilat, showing that the Power of Together can translate into success on the football pitch as well as in their lives.

Although the team’s coach, Ami Ben-David, and players speak about the Mehuziota weekend as a therapeutic opportunity to bond first and soccer second, Ziv Hellman, coordinator of One Family’s Young Adult Division said the two goals have a deeper relationship than people realise.

“What we saw in the games, the great teamwork and cooperation, is really just a mirror of what we were seeing the whole weekend,” he said. “All of the time we were spending together, building trust and understanding, was exactly what made us so successful in the games.”

The team, made up of injured or bereaved victims of terror, is a support group built around the player’s love for soccer. The group meets monthly for social evenings and plays soccer games in a business league in Jerusalem.

The team was joined this year by 3-year-old Natan Bennett, who was made an honorary member of the team. Natan’s father Aharon Bennett was killed in a terrorist attack in 2015. His mother was badly injured and he himself badly injured his foot.



It’s been a busy year and we look forward to supporting the victims at One Family in the year ahead. We hope you have enjoyed reading about our events, if you would like to support the work of one Family UK please go to www.onefamilyuk.org/donate