16 Brave Israelis Visit London on a very special One Family Trip

Young adults visits London for rehabilitative trip from Israel

On Tuesday, 28th November, 16 young adults, all affected by a terrorist atrocity in Israel, including one who suffered the loss of his father, sister and brother, just this past summer, came together for a very special rehabilitative week in London .

Hosted by families in the Mill Hill & Totteridge area, they will visit all the familiar sites in London with a visit to the Lyceum to see the Lion King too.

Staying with host families makes the experience even greater as they forge friends for life with their hosts . Often, these victims of terror do not know that there are people outside of Israel that care for their wellbeing and this is of great comfort to them.

Each member of the group came to London as strong individuals who have been exposed to terror, yet have chosen to stay positive and choose life despite the bereavement they suffered. This trip enabled the group to get to know each other, as many didn’t know each other well and to be strengthened by the power of being together with people who understand the difficult feelings they have had to cope with following the bereavement of their sibling. The trip literally changes their lives!

Below are images from their amazing week in London.


Arrival in London
Welcome evening



Wednesday brought more sights of London for our visitors from Israel :


Buckingham Palace
Changing of the guard
London Eye
London Eye
Relaxation at Spaniards Inn- Hampstead

Thursday night our group were hosted for an evening where they spoke about their personal experiences. Everyone in the room was drawn to tears at the bravery of this wonderful group of people. They spoke eloquently about the family they had lost to such awful acts of terrorism.

One of the stories told is below:

My name is Shmuel. I am married and we have a young child. We live in Hadassim youth village in Even Yehuda and are secular but grew up in a religious home.

A few months ago, my family were celebrating a new baby. My wife had given birth to a baby boy! We were all so happy to welcome him to the family and my parents made a celebration at their home in Halamish. It was warm summer’s evening and we were expecting lots of guests to pop by but the happy scene soon turned to devastation when a terrorist infiltrated their home and brutally stabbed them to death. That terrible Friday night, I lost my father Yosef Salomon, 70, my sister Chaya Salomon, 46, and my brother Elad Salomon, 36. My mother Tova, 68, was seriously wounded. We are all trying to be strong and build our lives for the sake of all the children and each other but the pain is immense.

We named our son “Ari Yosef.” We invited all of Israel to participate in our joy “so that the Salomon family will be remembered as happy and joyous and not sad and hurt.”


Madame Tussauds
Madame Tussauds

Day out

Birthday dinner

Fun at Bounce Bar
Fun at Bounce Bar


Farewell Breakfast in Mill Hill

At the airport – going home!


What our hosts said about the week:

  • Missing my sons already …. x
  • Thanks for including us in a very special and rewarding week
  • Thank you. A really wonderful opportunity to host such a great bunch of people. A great charity. Xx
  • Can’t thank you enough for asking us to be part of this incredible few days it was such a privilege. Please count us in for any others. 


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