Victims of terror come to UK to speak over Yom Ha’atzmaut

One Family were privileged to bring over to London for Israel Remembrance Day and Israel Independence Day six young adults, all of whom served recently in the IDF and who unfortunately have become victims of terror.

During their visit they attended various communal events both remembering the fallen and then celebrating 70 years Of Israeli Statehood. They were also invited to a number of schools & societies to tell their stories and to join in with the various ceremonies taking place. A special thank you to  the following schools, societies and organisations for their hospitality:

UJS event at JW3

Redbridge Community Centre

Haberdashers Askes Boys School

Yavneh College

Michael Sobell Sinai School


Naima JPS

Immanuel College

Matilda Marks Kennedy School

Independent Jewish Day School

Hasmonean Boys School

Hasmonean Girls School

Leeds JSoc

The London Adani Community

Yom Hazikaron Ceremony at Finchley United Synagogue




To view the full gallery of pictures from the Israel 70 Party please CLICK HERE


We received the following messages from some of the schools:

School A – I just wanted to drop you an email to thank you so much for arranging soldiers m to come into school yesterday. I heard that the children really enjoyed listening to them.

School B – Just wanted to say a huge thank you to the soldiers for a wonderful event where they spoke superbly. Please pass them my thanks.

School C – Thank you so much for being our guest in Yom Hazikaron Assembly today. The soldiers were inspirational and their speeches left a high emotional impact on every member of the audience . Your participation in the assembly ensured it’s success and we are ever so grateful to you.  Please pass on our gratitude and warmest wishes to both. 

The week ended with a huge Israel 70 party where our guests ate, drank and danced the night away. The perfect ending to a very busy week.


Message from Ambassador Mark Regev – Moving ceremony at  to mark ’s remembrance day for fallen soldiers & victims of terrorism. Many thanks  for organising. After their work was done they visited the sights of London as well as having a few leisure activities in London. We want to thank this special group for sharing their experiences with so many people here in the UK.


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Latest Newsletter – out now!

Click here to read the One Family Newsletter for 2017 covering our activities over the last year, raising funds to support victims of terror in Israel who require psychological, financial and therapeutic support.


Group of young bereaved adults arrive in London

On Sunday 4th March, 20 young adults, all affected by a terrorist atrocity in Israel, arrived in London for a very special rehabilitative week .

They are being hosted by families in the Highgate area of London, and will visit all the familiar sites in London starting today Monday with the Changing of the Guard! Staying with host families for a rehabilitative week makes the experience greater as they forge friends for life with their hosts . Often, these victims of terror do not know that there are people outside of Israel that care for their well-being and this is of great comfort to them. Today they have visited Buckingham Palace, the London Eye and will be moving onto the Tower of London. See photos of today with more updates to follow.  

Comments from the host families about their amazing week and wonderful guests from Israel

  1. You have given our community a personal and inspirational experience that will last a lifetime. I am certain we will all find a way to keep these programmes going and coming back to Highgate so that others can get involved in One Family. Your gift to us is immeasurable. Thank you.
  2. Amazing! Can’t wait to see the girls again in Israel. This has been a true privilege. Sad it is over for us this morning.
  3. It really has been an incredible week. We feel so privileged to have been a part of it 💕

What the group said about their experience in London

Raya: I had a fantastic trip. The community were great people, that expertly planned a trip we all loved. The Shul dinner was great, including talking about the reason and circumstances we’re all here. Dancing and having fun with everyone was a highlight. We truly felt the love, that people care about us and want the best for us. It was simply an unforgettable experience with the group, away from worries back home. I’m returning with happy feelings and newfound strengths. And I’ll be happy with the memories every time I think back. Amitai:  I had such a fun, fun time! A once in a lifetime experience. It was almost like I was living a life unlike my own, the likes of which I’ve never had back in Israel. I connected deeply with my hosts, I felt very close with them, and I can’t thank them enough. This trip gave me the feeling like I’m loved and supported from so far away, that I’m not alone in the world and in my situation. Other than that, it was just so fun, a collection of experiences I won’t soon forget, with people I love. The concept of this trip, the activities with the hosts and with just the group – gave me the feeling that I can be in London and just fit in. That doesn’t happen in Israel, at least not that I’ve experienced. I’m appreciative of every moment. Chen: I had such a fun trip. I really enjoyed the dynamic of our specific group, everyone found someone to hang out with at all times, no one ever felt alone. I was very touched meeting all the people behind the scenes who made the trip possible, to see how involved they are. I never thought about it before, how so many people go into one of these trips. It’s a huge thing, and it’s very touching that they are so involved at every moment, and that it’s done out of complete devotion. I especially enjoyed the lion king, it was fantastic. And all the moments walking around London, even those were special and fun. It was great to meet members of the community, all the time spent with them was really amazing. They gave us a feeling that we are needed and loved. I am filled with admiration for all those in London and for all that they do for one family. I feel like I’m coming back to Israel with a sense of people who ‘have my back’, who truly care for my well being.

Read here about the group 

  1. Dror is 20 years old and a bereaved brother. He lives in Har Adar and is a student of architecture and interior design at the College of Management Academic Studies in Rishon le Zion. Dror’s  brother Or was murdered in a terrorist attack in Har Adar in September 2017.
  2. Alon is 18 years old and a bereaved brother. He lives in Alon Shvut. He is a student in Sde Eliyahu Yeshiva. Alon’s brother  was one of four soldiers murdered in a terrorist attack in Armon Hanatziv in January 2017.
  3. Yael is 23 years old and a widow. She lives in Maale Michmash just outside Jerusalem. She has a young daughter called Netta and she is a student of human resource management at Hadassah College in Jerusalem. Her husband Yanai was murdered in a stabbing attack whilst he was shopping at supermarket with Yael and Netta in the Sha’ar Binyamin Industrial Zone in February 2016.
  4. Yehoshua is a 23 year old orphan and lives in Moshav Margaliot in northern Israel. He works as a sound amplification technician. His father,  was murdered in a shooting attack on Highway 60 in July 2016. His mother was also seriously injured in the attack.
  5. Tamar is 22 years old and a bereaved sister. She lives in Jerusalem and is a special education student at the David Yellin College. She also works at Keren Or – a Jerusalem Center for Blind Children with Multiple Disabilities. Her sister Shlomit was murdered in a terror attack in Beit Horon in January 2016.
  6. Amitai is 19 years old and a bereaved brother.  Amitai lives in Karnei Shomron and is studying in Itamar. His brother Shalom was murdered in a terrorist attack in Jerusalem in April 2015.
  7. Sarah is 19 years old and is a bereaved sister. She lives in Jerusalem. She has completed her matriculation and is currently working at ‘Susan’s home’- a non-profit organization that helps teens at risk. Sarah’s brother Aharon was murdered in a stabbing attack in the Old City of Jerusalem in October 2015.
  8. Mayan is 21 years old and is a bereaved sister. She lives in the Golan Heights.  She works for an organization called ‘HaShomer Chadash’ which safeguards Israel’s lands through education and social action. Mayan’s sister Hadar was murdered in a terrorist attack in Gush Etzion in November 2015.
  9. Sahar is 23 years old and a bereaved brother. Sahar lives in Modi’in and works in the police. Sahar’s twin brother Almog was murdered in a stabbing attack as he was returning to his army base in November 2014.
  10. Itai is 23 years old and is a bereave brother. He lives in Modi’in  and currently works in a cafe . His brother Captain Natan Cohen was killed during Operation Protective Edge in July 2014.
  11. Tamar is 19 years old and lives in Jerusalem. She works in a restaurant and is studying for her psychometric exam. Her father Udi, her mother Ruth , and her three brothers : Yoav , Elad and Hadas were murdered when terrorists infiltrated their home in Itamar in March 2011.
  12. Elnatan is 23 years old and lives in Shavei Shomron and works in construction. His father Meir was murdered in a shooting attack whilst he was on his way home in December 2009.
  13. Aviel is 23 years old and is a bereaved brother. He lives in Moshav Carmel in northern Israel. He was released this week from the army. His sister Kineret was murdered in a shooting attack at the Gush Etzion junction in October 2005.
  14. Marom is 23 years old and lives in Otniel and is a bereaved brother. He was released this week from the army. Marom’s brother Aviad was murdered age 16 in a drive-by shooting attack near Beit Hagai in 2005.
  15. Chen is 23 years old and is a bereaved is sister. She is studying psychology and Israel studies at Ariel University and she lives in Jerusalem in Nachlaot. Chen’s brother Sergeant Barak Ozery was killed whilst serving in Gush Katif in 2005.
  16. Hananel is 19 years old and lives in Peduel. He is a student in a yeshiva in Tekoa. Hananel’s father Elimelech was murdered in a drive by shooting attack in July 2002. Hananel was only three years old.
  17. Raya is 19 years old and lives in Netzer Hazrani. In the past year she worked as a gardener in the town. Her father Yitzhak was murdered in 2002 in a rocket attack.
  18. Batya is 19 years old and lives in Kedumim on a campus for soldiers. Her mother Nirit was murdered in 2001 as she was on her way home.
  19. Sheeran is 23 years old and a bereaved sister. She lives in Yad Binyamin. Sheeran is studying informal education and History at the David Yellin College in Jerusalem. She worked as a coordinator of youth movements for the regional council. Her brother Eliran was murdered in a suicide bombing at the Shalom gas station in 2001.