Bereaved Mothers Group January 2016

One Family brought over a group bereaved mothers from Israel to London for a respite week at the end of January.The ladies were all hosted with families in the Hampstead Garden Suburb community in North West London.

The group, of 22 bereaved mothers and grandmothers aged between 40 and 70, visited landmarks including Parliament , Madame Tussauds, the V & A and the London Eye as well as a visit to the theatre during the week

One of the ladies in the group, Bracha Kupinsky, 66, who lost her son in the Har Nof synagogue in Jerusalem in November 2014, said  that the visit had been a “moving experience” adding that “Everyone has been really concerned about each other and offered support.”

Her son Aryeh,  a father-of-six, was one of five murdered while praying at the shul. Bracha said “Aryeh fought back and, in the process, about 12 people were saved. He restrained one of the terrorists behind him and fought the other one off.”

She added: “Every loss is a deep loss. Aryeh is very much missed in the community and by his family. This trip to the UK has been a wonderful time out for me.”

She added: “All the people on the trip suffer with pain. I cope because I can move on. But I can’t forget it. It’s a part of my life.”Molly Palmer, 72 who lost her son Asher and grandson Yonatan in a rock-throwing attack near Hebron, said: “My son’s wife was left without her husband and without her baby – and she was five-months pregnant at the time. She was in shock for months. One Family has been so helpful for her.”

The group were also hosted at a welcome evening , a Patrons evening hosted in Stanmore, a communal shabbat lunch at Hampstead Garden Suburb Synagogue and a leaving party that evening.

They were waived off on Sunday for their return to their families in Israel by the hosting committee and families, returning to Israel with newly made friends and the knowledge that One family are here to support them always.