Hilton Nathanson

Hilton Nathanson is a hedge fund manager and entrepreneur. Originally from Perth, Western Australia, Hilton came to London in 1992 and worked at Goldman Sachs before establishing in conjunction with Kyte Group a stock broking company which became known as Eden Group. Following several years in the hedge-fund business, in 2002, he established his own company, Marble Bar Asset Management (MBAM), which he still owns today. In addition to MBAM, Hilton is currently focused on developing a range of different business interests through his company, Firefly Capital, with a primary emphasis on asset management and financial technology. Hilton attended the Carmel School and the University of Western Australia, and later obtained an MBA from City University, London, where he now lectures on trading psychology and entrepreneurship.

Charity: Hilton started the Rosemarie Nathanson Charitable Trust (RNCT) to support charities that focus especially on helping young people gain critical life skills through non-formal education and training. Amongst others, the RNCT supports the Israel Youth Award (part of the Duke of Edinburgh International Award Programme), the Prince’s Trust, and the Outward Bound Trust.

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