Newborn dies from Sunday night’s terrorist attack as news of yet another drive by shooting emerges

2 Israelis killed, 2 seriously wounded in West Bank shooting attack

The news of yet another terrorist attack earlier this morning leaves us all reeling. Another two Israeli’s have been murdered with another two left in serious condition, mowed down by gunmen in another drive by shooting just a few yards away from Sunday’s deadly attack.


Israeli soldiers and police inspect the scene of a shooting attack at the entrance to the Israeli settlement of Givat Asaf, in the West Bank, on December 13, 2018. Photo by Hadas Parush/Flash90


Two Israelis were killed and two were severely injured, one of them critically, in a shooting attack in the central West Bank Thursday 13th December , close to where a terror attack occurred earlier in the week.

The perpetrators fled the scene of the attack, near the Palestinian town of Silwad and Ofra, an Israeli settlement north of Jerusalem, prompting a large-scale manhunt.

According to the Israel Defence Forces, one gunman left a vehicle along the Route 60 highway and opened fire at a group of Israelis of soldiers and civilians, before running away. Two of the victims died at the scene. One of the wounded, a 21-year-old man, is in critical condition.

“His condition is very serious. There is a threat to his life,” a Hadassah spokesperson said.

The second of the wounded, a female civilian, was seriously injured and taken to Shaare Zedek Medical Center’s trauma unit in Jerusalem.

The shooting attack occurred near the Givat Asaf settlement, close to Ofra, where on Sunday a number of terrorists opened fire at a group of people standing at the settlement’s bus stop, hitting seven of them, including a seven-month pregnant woman who was critically injured and whose baby later died as a result of the attack.

Additional infantry battalions were sent into the West Bank both to defend roads and settlements and to conduct additional searches and arrests.

On Wednesday night, the Israeli military arrested a number of suspects who were believed to have carried out Sunday night’s shooting attack and shot dead a third, as he tried to attack Israeli troops during an escape attempt.

For Shira and Amichai Ishran, the future was full of hope and joy. As the attack on Sunday evening started, Amichai tried to shield his wife who was 30-weeks pregnant, but both were shot in the mayhem.

A bullet hit Shira in her stomach, while Amichai was hit in the leg. Rushed to the hospital with Shira in critical condition, their baby boy was delivered prematurely in an emergency cesarean. Yesterday after four days of fighting for his life, their baby boy passed away.

For the Ishran family, the road ahead will be long and challenging. They will need physical, emotional and financial help. One Family has reached out to them to offer assistance and support through the difficult mourning period ahead and as long as they need us.

We will be by their side, as we will be with all those impacted by this morning’s attack and the hundreds of other attacks over the last 16 years.As the end of the year approaches, we urge you to help us with our vital work in Israel go to

One Family bring a group of 19 bereaved fathers from Israel to London

bereaved fathers

Bereaved fathers visit London for a respite week

On Tuesday, 12th June. nineteen bereaved fathers, all affected by a terrorist atrocity in Israel, including one father whose son was one of the three boys  kidnapped in 2014 , came together for a very special rehabilitative week in London .

Hosted by families in the Hendon area, they have visited the London Motor Museum as well as being hosted in fabulous riverside home at Marlow for the day in the June sunshine. Last night they had a great evening with a whiskey tasting at the home of a generous supporter.


braved father
At the London Motor Museum














bereaved fathers
Windsor castle in the morning








bereaved fathers
Relaxing in Marlow on a sunny June afternoon
















bereaved fathers
Whiskey tasting









Today , Thursday they visit RAF Hendon , golf and shopping and then onto the Lion King this evening.

bereaved fathers

















bereaved fathers
Golf afternoon

bereaved fathers
Musical interlude at dinner










Sunday Farewell BBQ

Sunday evening June 17th the group bid farewell to their hosts as the community at Hendon Adath Yisroel Synagogue held a fabulous BBQ for the guests, their hosts and the wider congregation.

Quotes from the hosts:

  • A big big thank you and yeshecoach to David for everything! And to you the lovely host families.
  • The Hendon Adath community embraced this group and we and they thank you so very much.
  • Thank you so much David for everything you have done to make this such an amazing week!
  • It was a real pleasure and honour for us to organise this event- the benefits of which for everyone involved far exceeded our wildest expectations
  • Thanks to One Family David and Linda for organising the trip. The group was very cohesive and despite their constant agony, were able to laugh and befriend the members of Hendon Adass. We opened our houses to them but they opened their hearts to us and we now have new lifetime friends. 

Earlier in the day the group visited Camden market to get a different flavour of London and then took a trip on the canal to Little Venice:

bereaved fathers
Canal Boat along the Regents Canal to Little Venice
bereaved fathers
Little Venice Pub

Monday- the final farewell

This morning before flying home to their families in Israel the group are taking a flying visit to the British Museum – not a minute to waste!

Sadly they fly home this afternoon and they have left the community missing them already.

Helping each other

Staying with host families makes the experience even greater as they forge friends for life with their hosts . Often, these victims of terror do not know that there are people outside of Israel that care for their wellbeing and this is of great comfort to them.

Each member of the group came to London as strong individuals who have been exposed to terror, yet have chosen to stay positive and choose life despite the bereavement they suffered. This trip enabled the group to get to know each other, as many didn’t know each other well and to be strengthened by the power of being together with people who understand the difficult feelings they have had to cope with following the bereavement of their sibling. The trip literally changes their lives!

How you can help

If you would like to support a future group please contact

Please like us on Facebook and follow us on twitter

One Family News on terror victims – read all about it!

Terror victims news -the work of One Family is varied and every day is different . Here we showcase some recent events which One Family have been involved with together with a short description of a day at Summer Camp. As well as assisting victims of terror , some of our family of victims are using their experiences to help others who have been recently bereaved through terrorism.

Volunteers wedding

Renana Meir, the daughter of terror victim Dafna Meir, with her husband Or Cohen. 

Renana Meir, who witnessed the murder of her mother, Dafna, in January 2016 in a terror attack in their home, was married in a ceremony near Jerusalem recently.

Her father, Natan Meir, remarried a few weeks earlier in a ceremony attended by close family in Jerusalem .

In March 2017, a year after the terror attack in the West Bank settlement of Otniel, Meir announced that he was engaged.

Dafna Meir, 38, a mother of four and foster mother of two young children, was stabbed to death in January 2016 at the entrance of her home by a teenage Palestinian attacker. She was fighting off her attacker in what is believed to have been an attempt to save three of her children who were in the house at the time.

Natan Meir thanked his children for their support and sharing in his happiness. Without them, he wrote, “I could not open my heart to love again.”

Renana’s wedding

Renana Meir’s marriage to Or Cohen was celebrated at an sheva brachat hosted by One Family. The guests at the “sheva brachot,” included David Hatuel, whose four daughters and first wife, Tali, were murdered in a shooting terror attack in 2004, and Meir Pavlovsky of Kiryat Arba, who was badly wounded in a stabbing attack in Hebron a year and a half ago.

Chantal Belzberg, CEO of One Family, said: “We are so proud to host the Sheva Brachot for Renana and Or. It has been a tremendous experience getting to know Renana over the past year of her national service at One Family, and it’s astounding to watch her grow into a married woman before our eyes. We have all learned so much from her, just watching how she lives her life. She make everyone feel comfortable, even when they feel they should be the ones comforting her.”

“She speaks about choosing life despite the challenges, and she truly lives the way she speaks. We have grown very close, as all of us at One Family have been able to envelop her with love on a daily basis..”


Terror victims

Renana, who was 17 at the time of her mother’s murder, visited her mother’s grave the week before the wedding and placed an invitation to the wedding on it. She posted on social media a photo of the tombstone and the message, “We have put an invitation on your grave and I beg that you arrive. I leave one hand for you on the way to the chupah , please come to hold it.”Renana is a volunteer for One Family.

Summer camp for terror victims

Summer camp for youths who lost loved ones to terror attacks

For many kids who lost loved ones in wars or terror attacks, opening up about their suffering can be difficult. ‘One Family’ allows them to enjoy summer camps together; ‘Here, everyone understands. After the camp I feel stronger.’

From afar it looks like it could be any other summer camp for teens and children on their summer vacation. But in reality, this group, all wearing purple T-shirts, is one comprised of family members who have lost loved ones in terror attacks and wars.

During the summer months, we holds outings for Israelis who have suffered first-hand the tragedies of terror and wars.

“Whenever I would speak about my brother anywhere else people would just freeze. It was difficult for them to speak. Here the environment is easier. You can laugh about everything, speak about everything,” said Yitzhak Sarel, whose brother died during Operation Protective Edge in 2014.

Youngsters enjoy the camp (Photo: Avihu Shairpa)

Hundreds of these terror victims, intimately, albeit indirectly, affected by terror attacks and wars gather together at the beginning of what Israelis call ‘The Big Vacation.’

On the Monday for example, dozens of motorbikes were brought to the camp from the Israeli Motorcycle Club to a school where the youngsters are gathered. There, the youths were able to hop on the back and take a ride with one of the motorcyclists in the Golan Heights and the upper Galilee.

Photo: Avihu Shapira

“Anyone who knows the experience of riding on a motorbike knows how wonderful it is. It’s a feeling of freedom, space. To see the views from a slightly different angle without telephones. It allows them to demonstrate their presence and say to everyone ‘we are here,’” said Yaniv Yair, one of the riders who brought his stunning BMW bike for a spin.

Yaniv’s brother was also killed after a Katyusha rocket landed near Kibbutz Kfar Giladi during the Second Lebanon War in 2006.

Photo: Avihu Shapira

“I think this shared fate makes them trust me more. Only someone who has been there knows and understands what it means,” Yaniv explained.

Another one of the participants is Dvir, whose father Rabbi Yaakov Litman and brother Netanel were killed in a 2015 terror attack, also reflected on how it was to be with others who had shared experiences.

Photo: Avihu Shapira

“Here, everyone has gone through something similar. They have lost someone close to them and it makes it a lot easier to open up, to speak about it. Everyone understands that he doesn’t need to be embarrassed. Here, everyone copes with it in his own way. After the camp I feel stronger, with new friends, and more people who understand me.”

Terror attack at Temple Mount

Bereaved Jewish mother comforts mother of slain Druze officer

Relatives of terror victims visit the families of murdered Druze police officers to offer their condolences and share their experiences.

One Bereaved mother consoles another bereaved mother – Meir Pavlovsky

Hundreds of people visited the Druze villages of Hurfeish and Maghar recently to pay their condolences to the families of the two police officers murdered in last Friday’s terror attack at Temple Mount

One Family visits families of terror victims

Among the visitors were Israelis who lost loved ones to terrorism. The visits were arranged by One Family as part of our role assisting bereaved families and victims of terrorism.

Dozens of Israelis, Jews and non-Jews alike, answered the organisation’s call and bordered the buses to visit the families of Command Sergeant Major Hayil Satawi and Command Sergeant Major Kamil Shanaan.

Among the visitors who paid their condolences to the families was Hadas Mizrachi, the widow of Baruch Mizrahi, a resident of Modi’in who was killed in a shooting attack two years ago while traveling with his family to celebrate the Passover Seder.

Following the visit Hadas Mizrachi said: “Unfortunately, we remember that the people who came to visit after the attack gave us a lot of strength, and since my tragedy, I have been visiting families who have become part of the cycle of bereavement. I visited dozens of bereaved families after Baruch was murdered, and I saw with my own eyes how important it is and how much it helps. The support of people who have undergone a similar tragedy is necessary in dealing with loss.”

“I recently visited the family of Hadas Malka, the policewoman who was murdered at the Damascus Gate … As a police widow, I see it as my mission to empower others, and if I managed to get up and continue going on with five children who experienced the attack themselves after my loss, that that is proof that you cannot give up.

Chantal Belzberg, the CEO of One Family said: “Today we sent a message to the families of the policemen who were murdered in the terror attack on the Temple Mount last Friday – you are not alone. The State of Israel lost two dedicated policemen from the best of its sons, who served in the Old City of our capital in order to preserve the security of the State of Israel. We arrived today to console and strengthen the Satawi family and the Shanaan family, who unfortunately joined the list of bereaved families.”

We were joined by tourists from the United States and England, together with the residents of Jerusalem, and Dvora Gonen, the mother of Danny, who was murdered in the attack two years ago, to embrace and share their sorrow and to express the deep connection between the Jewish people in the Diaspora and the Druze. We want to strengthen our alliance with the Druze and to turn this from a bloodbath into a covenant of life,” she added.

Photography -Therapeutic Empowering Journey to Greece

Therapeutic Empowering Photography Journey to Greece

In April 2016, a group of 31 bereaved siblings from the young adult division, embarked on a four day empowering journey to Salonika in Greece. “Using photography as a tool for therapy each participant was able to take a new perspective on what they see, to zoom in or out on any details they choose -life’s details”, said Meirav Uziel, the trip coordinator.

This four-day empowering journey was specifically designed for young adults who have lost siblings or parents during the current wave of terror, or from wars or earlier terrorist attacks to create a brotherhood between the participants. The group consisted of “seniors” – those who experienced bereavement for some time, alongside “newcomers” who recently entered the world of bereavement. The combination helped newcomers see that life continues after the loss of a loved one, and it helps seniors recognize the progress they have made in their own bereavement process and to see if they are moving in the right direction.

One Family Photography

Avia Turjeman, aged 26 years old is married and a father of one child. Avia’s brother Evyatar z’l was killed in combat during Operation Protective Edge. Upon returning from this therapeutic trip, Avia explained that it was only by attending this shared empowering journey that he could face talking about his fears, especially how to keep the memory of his brother alive.

The therapy takes place through the photography, the interactions between the participants, and the tours and attractions in a foreign city. During the trip, participants took part in daily sessions of therapeutic photography, and support circles. Avia said he felt an instant connection with the participants, especially during the support circles, because despite hardly knowing each other, “we just had to glance at the other and we immediately understand the depth of each other’s pain”.

one family Photography One Family Photography

As part of the therapeutic process, photos that were taken during the day were processed as a group in the evening.  The sharing that takes place provides mutual understanding and helps build tools that will help the youths at home, with their families, and in remembering the loved ones they lost. Ziv Helman, Director of bereaved alumni, said one of the group participants wrote to thank him, upon returning back to Israel. In his letter, he said: “Since I have returned home I have not stopped crying. It is so difficult to return to normal and back to reality. How can I even try to explain to other people what I went through on this journey? It feels impossible to describe the special relationship that the group experienced. The atmosphere was so unique; it was liberating and at the same time it provided a contained space where we understood each other, something that is deeply lacking in everyday life. I just want to say Thank You to One Family for helping me on this journey, a journey which I needed so deeply, yet before I went I did not realize how much. It provided me the air to breathe. I miss everyone so much and hope we will stay in touch!

How we help

One Family understands the trauma of bereavement and injury from terror. Our family can provide the key elements that lead to successful rehabilitation. With this level of trauma, comes a feeling of isolation by singular experience. The perception of being alone affects every element of the recovery and rebuilding process. Our presence and resources ensure that victims and their families never need to feel alone.

One of the primary ways in which One Family assists victims of terror is through emotional support provided through healing retreats, support groups, and therapeutic workshops for bereaved parents, parents of injured children, bereaved or injured young adults, widows and widowers, orphans, bereaved siblings, and wounded or maimed victims of all ages.

Each healing retreat involves up to 200 people of similar experiences that later form into smaller, more localized support groups where victims continue to provide victim-to-victim support, learn from each other’s experiences, and give and receive comfort from each other. At One Family, we strive to overcome terror together.

Through intensive and long-term therapeutic workshops (one-time) and support groups (meet weekly or monthly), terror victims are empowered to deal with their psychological and physical injuries on a daily basis.

How you can help

For each victim of terror, the support offered by One Family is personalized to his or her needs. For some, One Family helps them locate work; for others, One Family offers a chance to participate in retreat where they can connect with other victims. Still others, after isolating themselves for many months or even years, may join One Family’s soccer team ,photography or cooking classes. Below are just a few of the programs sponsored by One Family UK

  • Bereaved Parents – £500 enables a bereaved mother or father to participate in a three-day retreat, where they have the opportunity to meet with other bereaved parents, and join in professionally-run activities to help them cope with their loss.
  • Therapeutic Youth-Camp Scholarship – £1,000 pays for a young victim of terror to take part in a therapeutic camp experience where they participate in expressive arts, sports, outdoor adventure and therapeutic group programming.
  • Adopt a Family – £7,500 per year provides essential financial and emotional support for a family to help them move forward in their lives after an attack.
  • Higher Education Fund – £10,000 will enable to university or college aged victim to complete a degree.

One Family holds periodic healing retreats for bereaved siblings, parents, widows and widowers, and wounded victims, allowing them to socialise with others in similar circumstances, make new friends, and escape the tension and sorrow that engulfs their lives. These retreats feature touring, therapeutic sessions, entertainment, and an opportunity to help the victims feel cared for both emotionally and spiritually. These retreats strengthen victims so that they can return to their homes and families with renewed energy to face their experiences, knowing that someone is there with them.

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The trip was also documented by Channel 10 Television and was broadcast as part of the Yom Hazikaron memorial shows.

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